Lamborghini HyperVeloce Will Released Soon with Limited Unit

Lamborghini HyperVeloce Will Released Soon with Limited Unit – Among premium car, Lamborghini was already not a foreign name again. Early July, Itay manufacturing origin, release the Sesto Elemento type officially. Unmitigated, these types also directly holds the title as the most expensive supercar Lamborghini alerts. Sesto Elemento was priced so high. One unit must be redeemed at a price of USD 20 million. Although the price is exorbitant, but apparently the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento has been sold out since only made in very limited edition, which is 20 units. Special again, twenty units of the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is sold out in a fairly short time. Automotive universe is not depleted furor because Sesto Elemento, Lamborghini is now back to steal the attention. Lamborghini will launch the latest hypercar. Is a showcase Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California, United States (US), which was chosen as a venue to showcase this new type. The bull has a Lamborghini HyperVeloce badge has tremendous power. How virulence?

Lamborghini Hyperveloce Rumors

lamborghini hyperveloce ready soon

Indeed, there is no clear confirmation of the hypercar with this HyperVeloce model. But according to Worldcarfans page, Lamborghini HyperVeloce running with the powertrain in the form of a 6.5-liter V12 engine sourced from the Aventador model. Unsparing, its power able to generates 788 hp. But clearly to be sure, we need to wait before the official release of the Lamborghini. But clearly, the company has to make sure that the Lamborghini Hyper Veloce will be produced only 30 units. It’s quite limited indeed, although a little bit more than the type of Sesto Elemento. This amount will be divided into two types. As many as 20 units made as the coupe models. Meanwhile, the rest will use roadster body.

Speaking of hypercar, Lamborghini was classified as active launching new types. At the annual exhibition, supercar manufacturer based in Bologna, Italy, it has been twice launched exclusive hypercar. Among them Lamborghini Reventon and veneno equally produced in limited quantities. With the emergence HyperVeloce, then that type will be the third hyper car Lamborghini launched at Pebble Beach.


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